Nothing is as informative as a spectacular failure. Mediocre failures are difficult to differentiate from noise.

Closing clean and flat for the weekend is itself an investment in a clear mind to trade the following week. Do not let the mistakes of this week become a mental plaque that saps energy and clarity in future weeks.

Landauer’s Principle demonstrates that erasure requires energy. Thus, the clearing of mind requires conscious effort. The clear mind therefore has higher potential than the chaotic mind, and it is a useful practice to clear one’s mind daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually in accordance with the cycles.

The toughest thing for a speculator to do is to sit on one’s hands when there is no perceived edge. #FOMO

The ultimate hubris of being a speculator is that one can make a massive amount of money without creating a thing.

When it comes to the toughest life decisions, follow the Path of Least Regret

It is not sufficient to merely want to do something more, one must also chose to do something less.

Energy may be conserved.  But order is consumed on the way to chaos. 

The value of a piece of information is proportional the change in belief it creates divided by cost.

P(x+Δx)-P(x) C(Δx)  Where P is the Price function, C is the Cost function, x is a priori knowledge, Δx is the change in beliefs, and x+Δx is the a posteriori knowledge.

One man’s landmine is another man’s goldmine. 

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